Instrumentation housed in new facilities: The NBTC labs are now closed, and lab access has been shut off. All current users of equipment should have gotten an email giving information about how to get continued access to equipment that has been transferred to other shared facilities. If I somehow missed you, please let me know and I can forward that information along. As a reminder, most shared equipment has gone to CNF, CCMR, or the BRC Imaging facility. Instructions for becoming a user of those facilities are linked below.






NOTE: New and different orientation fees, door fees, and equipment fees may be required.

Additional tool training may also be required.


Lab Cleanup nearly done: If you think you have left something in the lab that you didn’t pick up after any of the previous messages, please make an appointment with Penny, but be aware that we are in the process of disposing of unclaimed materials and your supplies may already be gone unless we have already communicated with you about short-term storage.


Please contact us at if you have any further questions.